Andy's nasty article . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 00:57:44 GMT (Carl A Pforzheimer) wrote to me:

>I write on food issues for various and sundry magazines and the
>occasional newspaper, as well as my own book. If you actually get a
>name or two, I'd be happy to write a nasty article exposing the
>whole stinking process.

I think you misinterpret my intent, Andy, and I know that this is not
directly relevant to agriculture but it does deserve a wider audience.

Let me simply say to you that I am at all not interested in "exposing
the whole stinking process", especially from within the US, only that
part which affects any one of us here in Australia directly.

To that end I only need hard evidence that _some_ of your people, and
_only_ your people, have been uncovered acting surreptitiously and/or
with intent against other nationals resident in their own countries.

My only purpose in that context is that they stop doing it.

People from other countries than Australia likewise are well able to
take up their own complaints about these sorts of behaviour quite
separately, without the whole world having to unite against poor old
historically victimised US of A.

That's all part of the American power game it seems, playing grand
conspiracy, no doubt prompting these people to act the way they do.
Sorry that I just don't care for it.

Your nasty article we do not need, thank you very much.

>But I think you give America and Ivy-Leaguers far too much credit.

I am not giving them any credit at all, merely making public those
facts which have come to hand and verified. No doubt like Ollie North
they will campaign, plead innocent, weep forgivenness for only doing
their job, thump the bible, run for Congress, whatever.

I don't care what they do. He is now quite properly out of the White
House, and said others have had their names and their Universities
published here on the Internet.

Note that ONLY Americans have been exposed, there being no evidence
whatsoever on anybody else from any other country implicated in these
matters at hand. The pattern has become so very familiar; even the two
cases from within Australia are found to have involved Americans here
lecturing at our Universities, one having already been denied tenure in
the wake of a massive sex scandal.

Suffice that these matters have already been taken care of from this
end. I post what I do now in refutation of some of the humbug others
of your people insist on posting themselves to the Internet, here in
this case on farming and agriculture.

Let's simply keep it plain and out in the open in future, yes?

Thanks for your offer, but no thanks.

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