Re: Jobs for Anthro BA's?

Luana Lisandro (
22 Jan 1995 02:21:41 GMT

David Rarick ( wrote:

: I will be graduating soon with a BA in Anthropology, and a Business minor.
: What type of jobs should I be looking for, or is grad school my only
: choice?

There is an anthropology mailing list that you may want to subscribe to,
they have discussed issues on applied anthropology and getting into
acedemia... You can get the back issues... to subscribe send email to
LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU and in the body of the message (no
signature) type "subscribe anthro-l first name surname"... this is a
high volume mailing list and you may want to get digests, they will tell
you how to set that up...

There is also a very recent mailing list called PAJOBS... for
undergrads and postgrads in physical anthropology... it is for jobs
and career advice, academic and non-academic... it may be worth subscribing
too... send email to LISTSERV@NOSFERATU.CAS.USF.EDU and in the body of the
message (no signature) type "subscribe PAJOBS first name surname"...

Hope that helps...


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