Re: Corporate Cultures? Help...

Fury (
21 Jan 1995 21:35:20 GMT

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> Please forward citations on contemporary anthropologists working in the
> area of "corporate cultures." I'm trying to make cross disciplinary
> connections. Thanks!

(Not technically an anthropologist, but hey...)

I heartily recommend _Moral Mazes: the World of Corporate Managers_ by
Robert Jackall (1988, Oxford University Press). The blurb, which is
(for once) highly accurate, reads:

"(Named 'The Most Outstanding Business and Management Book' of 1988 by
the Association of American Publishers.) Robert Jackall presents an
eye-opening account of how corporate managers think the world works,
and how big organizations shape moral consciousness. He takes the
reader inside the intricate world of the corporation where hard work
does /not/ necessarily lead to success, but sharp talk, self-promotion,
powerful patrons, and sheer luck might. This brilliant, sometimes
unsettling, often wildly funny study presents compelling real life
stories of the men and women charged with running the businesses of


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