Re: "Sagan and Velikovsky" to appear in local book stores

Stavros Macrakis (
20 Jan 1995 17:38:06 GMT

In article <3fmrlh$> (Ted Holden) writes:

A book entitled "Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky" which exposes
the miserable nature of Carl Sagan's misrepresentations of
Velikovsky's book "Worlds in Collision" will soon be available at
local bookstores.

Thanks for the update. I assume this is the same book by Charles
Ginenthal that was published by Ivy Press Books in 1990? Why did it
take so long to get into your local bookstores? (Where do you live,

Thanks for quoting the reviews. You mention the affiliations of two
professors, but not their fields of study. From what I can tell,
Prof. Wescott is apparently a linguist/anthropologist, philosopher,
and poet. Prof. Rose is apparently a philosopher, if I've got the
right Lynn Rose. Have they been working in the history of astronomy
more recently?

...a major organ of the scientific establishment, Mercury Magazine...

I'm afraid I don't know this magazine. Who publishes it, and what
were the criteria for refusing the ad for the book?

Finally, why the renewed interest by Sagan and Ginenthal in