Re: Arts Alliance Campaign to Save Arts Funding (fwd)

Kevin Sawad Brooks (
18 Jan 1995 18:04:40 -0600

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R.L.Rush <> wrote:
>I urge everyone who wants their tax dollars spent to produce more
>'piss-Jesus' style art to support this worthless ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
>... worthy endeavor.
>Richard Rush |
>Room 112D Computing Center | University of Notre Dame
>Numismatics is not a sexual perversion!

Mr. Dick Rush,

Well, I assume you refer to "Piss Christ." Your
mistake is understandable, since it is clear that
you have some very close associations with the
fathers in South Bend. And it would also be decidedly
unfortunate if you should find yourself actually
imprisoned in such a place as Notre Dame; but
such a fate would go very far indeed in explaining
your small error, made all the smaller by the fact
that you could make it at all, that you were able
to get to any information at all from the outside
world. This then would also help to explain why
you know so little about art and/or English
grammar. This arises from your use of the term "style,"
as if it were clear what stylistic properties
Piss-Christ displays. Have you ever seen the work
yourself, Mr. Rush? And if so, how much other
art work have you seen? I would very much like
to see how you would characterize stylistically
such work for which you express such disdain.
Is it that you have problems with works made
with materials such as glass?

Take an object Take a canvas
Do something to it Put a mark on it
Do something else to it Put another mark on it
" " " " " " " " " "
--Jasper Johns