Re: Those Eyes! (Was: Intelligence by Race)

Scott Sellers (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 00:17:50 GMT

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>In <> (Tom Lathrop)
>>This raises a very serious question. If there has been no significant
>>genetic isolation between Europeans and east Asians, why are the genes
>>for the epicanthic fold, almost universal in east Asia, so rare in
>>Europe? Why haven't those genes been zipping back and fourth too,
>>along with all the rest?
>They're not so rare in Europe. I see it =all= the time in Europeans,
>of them in my own family. Goodgod, Tom, don't you look at people?

Good point. For example, what about the singer from that pop band from
Iceland. I forget her name. She kind of growls when she sings.
Something like Gronk or Dvorak or Xuxa or something. She has a really
cool voice, whatever the name. She has epicanthic eye folds. I guess I
am just assuming that she is of Icelandic extraction, but, come on, who
else would live on that foreboding rock? THis makes an interesting tie
with the epicanthic fold as glare reducer/eyeball warmer theory.

Scott Sellers