Re: Social Engineering

17 Jan 1995 12:17 CST

In article <>, Troy Kelley <> writes...
>I am new here and I have been following this thread for a day or two and
>I thought I would contribute some things.
>I think Gerold Firl has some interesting points, and I don't perceive him
>as being racist.
>First, I think he was trying to make the point that blacks were better
>off before the Civil Rights Movement.

What bullshit! You honestly think people are better off when they have
NO say in their lives? You should have watched the PBS show "Eye on the

>Secondly, I would like to make the point that much of the "spirit" or
>"environment" of the 60s was about rebellion and confrontation. For
>blacks, as well as other segments of society (women, youth), this
>attitude which gave the blacks more rights was brought about through
>conflict and confrontation, and has stuck with them today. Those
>attitudes have not died easily.

More bullshit. Conflict and confrontation is the only way African-Americans
got the right to vote. Its the only way any of us ever get anything.
In fact, the *absence* of conflict and confrontation on the part of the
working people of this country is why idiots like Dick Armey and Bob Dole
are getting ready to abolish the minimum wage! We need to stop innane,
divisive blather like this thread and start forging coalitions or we all
will be in the doghouse.

And please, read Albert Memmi's _Colonizer and the Colonized_.

still don't give a shit,
james b.