Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

17 Jan 1995 12:01 CST

In article <>, (Bob Casanova) writes...
>Can you provide any evidence supporting the charge of racial bias in the
>judicial system? (Differential incarceration rates are _not_ necessarily
>evidence of bias. They _are_ evidence of something, but without other data we
>can't know what they _are_ evidence of.)

An excellent example can be found in the recently passed crime bill. According
to this virently racist legislation [which any Democrat that voted for it has
no business calling themselves a Democrat] the first-time offense of being in
posession of white powder cocaine is a miniscule fine, whereas first-time
posession of the chemically identical "crack" cocaine is a _mandatory_ 5 years
in prison! The reason for this is obvious. Rich white men do powder cocaine,
while poor black men do crack. In 1993, 96% of the individuals incarcerated
in America for federal violations of crack posession laws were African-

Defenders of the crime bill claim that people on crack are more dangerous
than people on powder cocaine. This is simply not true. Laboratory testing
(and my own experience) show that the effects of the two are identical.

I don't give a shit anymore,
james b.