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>Subject: Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)
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>In a previous posting, Gerold Firl ( writes:
>> I'm puzzled as to how this implication was transmitted. I was noting that
>> afro-american culture has been comparitively unsuccessful at socialising
>> its members in such a way as to avoid incarceration. Most people agree that
>> the slammer is no fun; I don't think I'm being particularly ethnocentric by
>> using criminality as a measure of social disfunction. Do you disagree?

>I have observed that euro-american culture has been comparitively
>unsuccessful at socialising its members in such a way as to avoid the
>tendancy to arrest and incarcerate afro-americans.

Nice flame. Anything rational to contribute?

Please consider that
>the power to "socialize" avoidance of incarceration is much less powerful
>than the power to "socialize" racial stereotypes.

How about the power to socialize behavior in such a way as to minimize the
asocial actions leading to incarceration, which is (I believe) the gist of
Gerold's post?

>> part of american culture. They will develop solutions to their problems. But
> ^^^^^^^

>I am of the opinion that racial bias in the judicial system is everybody's

Can you provide any evidence supporting the charge of racial bias in the
judicial system? (Differential incarceration rates are _not_ necessarily
evidence of bias. They _are_ evidence of something, but without other data we
can't know what they _are_ evidence of.)

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