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C man (
12 Jan 1995 20:02:05 GMT

Working Assets Long Distance Goes to the Wall Against Nasty Newtism:

A KINDLER, GENTLER AMERICA?!................

Newt Gingrich, Jesse Helms and Co. want to take us back to a Dickensian world
of selfishness and squalor. Here are some things they've promised to do by
next April:

- Cut school lunches and food stamps
- Reinstate the gag rule on abortion counseling
- Throw children of unwed welfare mothers into orphanages
- Repeal the ban on deadly assault weapons
- Spend billions on Star Wars and other useless arms
- Undermine environmental laws
- Slash capital gains taxes on the rich

Working Assets wants you to stop Gingrich cold by flooding Congress with more
calls and letters than ever before; instead of free calls to Congress on
Mondays, Working Assets is paying for its subscribers' calls to Congress on ANY
day between now and April 30th!!

good for 30 minutes of calling anywhere in the US

The STOP NEWT CALLING CARDS will be given away to all Working Assets Long
Distance subscribers who either a) send four or more CitizenLetters between now
and April; or b) get two friends to join by Jan. 31st.


Mike Corso
Online Representative
Working Assets Long Distance
Call Congress for FREE--join Working Assets Long Distance--the only
phone company fighting for the Environment, Peace, Economic Justice, and
Human Rights. For a limited time, ONLINE users receive 100 minutes of
free long distance calls when they sign-up online--email or finger for details.