Re: Slavery,who was responsible?

Jane Skinner (
17 Feb 1995 20:15:59 GMT

Philomath writes:
(snippety snip)
>Elizabeth Fry was one of that happy band of liberated
>women who were served up as role models to every girl ("gel") who ever went
>to Roedean or Cheltenham Ladies' or Roehampton or wherever else the Flowers
>of English Girlhood went before they laid down on their backs, opened their
>legs and Thought of England. To keep Master Dinn quiet let me mention another
>Fry, Christopher, and in particular his RING ROUND THE MOON, a translation of
>an Anouilh play.

A second choice could have been Stephen, who is another chocolate Fry. His
books "The Liar" and "The Hippopotamus" are very funny, but I'm not sure
whether the humour would cross the Atlantic successfully. Also to be
recommended is his collection of essays, "Paperweight".

Query: Is he close enough in the line of succession to get a cut when I
buy a packet of Fry's Turkish Delight? Not that he needs it, with all
the money he gets from "Me and My Girl"...


"You have debauched my sloth!"

S. Maturin