Re: Slavery,who was responsible?

Ted Samsel (
17 Feb 1995 01:01:09 GMT

Francis Muir (francis@pangea.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: Philip L. Peterson writes:

: Certainly in drug trade and prostition (to alledgedly harmfull
: activities) it is usually the seller of the service/commodity
: who gets most of the heat.

: In the words of the old song:

: Its the rich as gets the pleasure
: And the poor as gets the blame
: Its the same the whole world over
: Ain't it all a bleedin' shame.

: Curiously, it was the great, conscience-striken Quaker mercantile English
: families such as the Cadbury's and the Fry's who made their fortunes out
: of purposefully not slaving but trading with the West Africans for cocoa.

And now Cadbury's is buying Dr Pepper which got it's start in Waco, Texas!
Those fiends who spread the EVIL chocolate menace.......

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