Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

George Boggs (
24 Feb 1995 16:50:37 GMT

In article <>, (Catherine Langrehr) wrote:
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> > True. They don't *necessarily* make less money. But income and IQ are
> > correlated. The correlation is actually fairly low, but positive.
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> The maxim "correlation does not imply causation" applies here. All sorts of
> things can be correlated positively, even strongly positively, with no
> causal relationship between them at all.

I am aware of this "maxim", and imputed no causation. I merely clarifed
that correlation does not lead to deterministic outcomes. However, I
cannot say the same for you, since in the very next sentences, you use the
same correlation to infer causation with straw theory that is patently
absurd - e.g., are you suggesting that, say, a sucessful physician/parent
who works 14-hour days has more free (i.e., leisure) time than an
unemployed welfare mother? More money, perhaps, but more time?? And, in
your model of intelligence, are money and time fungible?

> I'd say, myself, that if there
> _is_ causation in this situation, it's the other way around- wealthier
> people have more leisure time and more resources to enrich their own and
> their children's environment.[...]

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