Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

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Thu, 23 Feb 1995 20:42:44 -0500

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> > >Accept the obvious. Less intelligent people make less money than smart
> > >people.
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> > Gee. You americans are _so_ money centered. :)
> That's because we have some left after taxes. ;-)
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> > No, less intelligent people do _not_ necessarily make less money than smart people. [...]
> True. They don't *necessarily* make less money. But income and IQ are
> correlated. The correlation is actually fairly low, but positive.
The maxim "correlation does not imply causation" applies here. All sorts of
things can be correlated positively, even strongly positively, with no
causal relationship between them at all. I'd say, myself, that if there
_is_ causation in this situation, it's the other way around- wealthier
people have more leisure time and more resources to enrich their own and
their children's environment. A person's IQ score is not immutable- there
are lots of ways to improve the way one scores on any standardized test, as
the Princeton Review will tell you...