Re: Race, intelligence, and anti-racist prejudice (Was: Genetic Evolution)

L Olson (
Wed, 22 Feb 95 22:26:27 GMT (Bearcat) wrote:
>Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:

>: Third, accept the definition of intelligence being what an IQ test
>: measures. Since significant corelations between economic status, crime,
>: teenage pregnancy, academic ability And IQ score have been shown to
>: exist, it is a useful measure.
>You're still repeating the same, discredited tripe. JLopez knocks
>it all to hell - you can't counter. James White proves, before
>everyone on alt.discrimination, that you don't even understand
>the basics of probability, you say nothing.
>You're like a parrot, taught one archaic view of the world,
>continuing to repeat it ad nauseam.

Actually, his points are pretty good "Bearcat". I haven't yet seen _one_
argument or counterargument from the TBC opposition that wasn't
transparent in some regard, including the negative book reviews. Clue for
the clueless: Making carefully targeted refutations of the weakest source
studies used in TBC (Kamin, SciAm), or guilt by association (morons,
Usenet) does not speak to the preponderence of other data that make
exactly the authors'points. Most of them are good and entirely different
sources, so you have to do that if you want to refute the result based on
them. Much of that data is the same stuff that colleges and military have
used. It isn't perfect by far, but I were in a _non-controversial_
science, and had such a preponderence of evidence, from so many very
different sources, I'd say I was definitely on to something, and might
even get the idea to write about it. The last several paragraphs of
Kamin's review give him away flatly as emotionaly biased and motivated -
he blew it. SciAm readers were supposed to be shocked, SHOCKED, that the
TBC authors would say things unsupportive about Affirmative Action. lajoie
mentions the _very_ strong statistical correlation between measured IQ and
success in life (good income, not shooting store clerks, fathering your
children, etc). That's absolutely true, been known long before TBC was a
glint in M&H's eyes - your response shows that lajoie is not the one who
doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

Most of the "refutations" I read from you guys is based on the old and
transparent tactic of defining away the source of the data you don't like
- "races don't exist", "IQ is a measure of test taking", etc. Guess what -
You're defining away precisely the working basis of Affirmative Action and
all the rest.