Re: Query: forensic schools?

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23 Feb 1995 01:31 MST

In article <1995Feb22.132903@clstac>, (The Scene Thing) writes...
>I am thinking of going into forensic anthropology for graduate school, and
>I would be grateful if anyone can provide me with a list of universities
>that specialize in the field or at least provide most of the courses relative
>to the field. If anyone can submit that information to this newsgroup or to
>me, I would really appreciated it.
>Danke gut. Gracias. Thank you. C II A C IV B A. Gracie. Merci beaucoup. Domo
>arigato. etc.

The only two that I am aware of are UTK in Knoxville, Tennessee, and UA in
Tucson Arizona. I was at in Tennesse 2 years ago on vacation, and stopped
to check out the forensics dept. Dr. Bass was very accomidating. I was
impressed with the school and liked the area. Have plans to go there.