Re: Well Known Anthro Schools.

Tom Johnston-Oneill (
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 16:44:22 GMT

Scott D Frank ( wrote:
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: : >I have this is the right b-board to post this question. I'm wondering
: : >what famous anthropology universities are there in the U.S. both
: : >undergrad and grad. Particularly, I'm interested in cultural
: : >anthropology but any other types of anthropology is fine :)
: : >Thanks!
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: : >Conal Ho

: Boy, that's a big questions. Lesse...the grad schools with the biggest
: reps are probably (please feel free to add/change/correct, folks)
: University of Chicago, Iniversity of Michigan, U. of Cal. Berkeley,
: and Harvard. Both Emory University (Atlanta) and U. Cal Santa Cruz
: have "up-and-coming" programs. Both are extremely good, however.

A good list to which I would add Rice, Stanford, Princeton and perhaps
UVA. It depends on who you want to work with there are excellent people
at all of these schools. Additions?

: Who else? Lesse, my school (University of Massachusetts/Amherst) claims
: to ahve the higest placement rate of outgoing PhDs.

Nothing to sneeze at.

: The truth is, it all depends what you're looking for - each school
: has a different world area speciality, political orientation, etc.
: You don't have to know exactly what the topic of your M.A. thesis
: is before you apply to grad school, but having a more focused idea
: than "Cultural Anthrpology" is good.

: Hm.....CMU, huh? Do you know my sister, Marcie Frank? ;)

Heh! I know/knew someone named Marcie Frank, from Abington, PA, Nahhhh
must be a coincidence......:}

Tom (a Grad Student @Princeton)