Re: Well Known Anthro Schools.

Daniel Rosenblatt (
22 Feb 1995 08:08:48 GMT

I would second all of the preceding suggestions (quoted below) and add
Cornell, Univ. of Texas @ Austin and the New School for Social research
(in NYC). If you are particularly interested in psychological approaches
UCSD is good. Of course the key thing to figure out is *who* you want to
work with. And the next thing to do is talk with your advisor (actually
this is something you should do before posting here). If anthro isn't
your major go find someone in the anthro dept where you are (someone
whose course you took, or wish you had taken).

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Tom Johnston-Oneill ( wrote:
: Scott D Frank ( wrote:
: : : >
: : : >I have this is the right b-board to post this question. I'm wondering
: : : >what famous anthropology universities are there in the U.S. both
: : : >undergrad and grad. Particularly, I'm interested in cultural
: : : >anthropology but any other types of anthropology is fine :)
: : : >Thanks!
: : : >
: : : >Conal Ho

: : Boy, that's a big questions. Lesse...the grad schools with the biggest
: : reps are probably (please feel free to add/change/correct, folks)
: : University of Chicago, Iniversity of Michigan, U. of Cal. Berkeley,
: : and Harvard. Both Emory University (Atlanta) and U. Cal Santa Cruz
: : have "up-and-coming" programs. Both are extremely good, however.

: A good list to which I would add Rice, Stanford, Princeton and perhaps
: UVA. It depends on who you want to work with there are excellent people
: at all of these schools. Additions?

: : Who else? Lesse, my school (University of Massachusetts/Amherst) claims
: : to ahve the higest placement rate of outgoing PhDs.

: Nothing to sneeze at.

: : The truth is, it all depends what you're looking for - each school
: : has a different world area speciality, political orientation, etc.
: : You don't have to know exactly what the topic of your M.A. thesis
: : is before you apply to grad school, but having a more focused idea
: : than "Cultural Anthrpology" is good.

: : Hm.....CMU, huh? Do you know my sister, Marcie Frank? ;)

: Heh! I know/knew someone named Marcie Frank, from Abington, PA, Nahhhh
: must be a coincidence......:}

: Tom (a Grad Student @Princeton)

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