Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

David A. Johns (
12 Feb 1995 10:39:31 GMT

In article <3hhoak$> (Jim0123) writes:

# What this leads me to believe is that the ultimate truth of
# "Bell" is STILL cloaked in politics. It worries me that the
# 'right' is SO intent on "Bell" being correct, while the 'left' is
# SO intent upon it being utterly wrong. Obviously there are
# underlying prejudices at work at both extremes of the political
# spectrum. Perhaps truth lies somewhere in-between ? Maybe
# 'blacks' are *slightly* behind the IQ curve ... however one might
# measure IQ ... but not *seriously* behind ???

You're certainly right about the politicization, but it sounds like
you're suggesting a political compromise on the facts. A more
appropriate outcome would be for scientists to design the research
properly to determine the source of variation in intelligence -- and
if the proper design turns out to be impossible, to admit that and
move on.

David Johns