Re: Wanted: Info on ZOMBIES, VOODOO for TV program

Michael Bauser (
Thu, 16 Feb 95 00:30:57 EST

Note: reply posted and e-mailed.

In article <> writes:

>Information wanted about zombies and Zoodoo in Haiti :

>For reputable British TV programme ; location filming later in year.

>Anonymity at your discretion.

On the other hand, anonymity is NOT at YOUR discretion, pal. Anonymous
fishing trips for information, with nothing identifying who you are (and
therefore giving no one a chance to evaluate your qualifications) is a
big-time, no-compromise, unacceptably unprofessional (maybe unethical,
depending on the circumstances) thing to do. We have no grounds on
which to judge if you're trustworthy. We don't know who you are, who
you work for, or what your prior body of work looks like. "[R]eputable
British TV programme" is insufficient as a resume. Sorry.

I don't recommend anybody talking to a "researcher" as shifty as you.
I don't care if you're an anthropologist, news reporter, documentary
writer, or what. Posting this kind of thing to sci.anthropology (and
those other newsgroups in the headers) is bad, bad, bad.

Now tell me who the hell you are, or get the hell out.

Michael Bauser <>
"It's participant observation. Honest!"