Re: New origins group

Paul J. Gans (
11 Feb 1995 22:55:49 GMT

Ted Holden ( wrote:

: The fact of and the on-line Ediacara virtual university
: being the only voices on the internet for origins-related topics
: represents an out-of-balance situation, or a sort of a vacuum.

: We are trying to partially rectify that by the creation of an alternate
: voice, beginning with a new discussion group called talk.catastrophism.

: There are major indications that the Noachian flood, the destruction
: by fire related in the Phaeton myth, and several other such stories
: are based on actual events involving solar-system level upheavals,
: although you'd never learn that from present internet resources, other
: than for seeing anybody trying to defend such a claim shouted-down by
: 100 other people on

[hundreds of lines deleted]:

This is typical Ted Holden stuff. If you want to read more, read, where Ted (and others like him) holds forth at
great length. Don't do it here. If you must answer, change the
newsgroups line to

And yes, we actually do have the temerity to shout down those claims.
Unregenerate, we are. Absolutely unregenerate.

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