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Sat, 11 Feb 1995 18:33:00 GMT

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Barbara Saunders <> wrote:
>In article <3hc7ne$> (J Lopez) writes:
>>We already have strong evidence that there are genetic differences between
>>"Type A" and "Type B" personalities. Not much of a stretch to see a
>>genetic correlation in hardworkingness, but since it is more elegant for
>>genetic racists to have us believe that the only relevant factor of the
>>brain is IQ, then other possibilities get pushed to the side, or even
>>worse, totally ignored.
>Hmmm...also, why stop at the "recognized" races. It would be possible
>to divide whites into "blue eyes" and "brown eyes" and "green eyes" and
>"hazel eyes" and to divide blacks along the range of skin tone. That
>might produce a more patchwork scheme, with darker blacks scoring higher
>than blue-eyed whites, but lower than hazel-eyed whites, and light-
>skinned blacks lower than hazel-eyed whites but above brown-eyed whites
>or whatever.

Clearly you misunderstand, by choice, it seems, the concept of race and
genetic distance. Eye Color is only one trait. And your misunderstanding,
however intentional, is a poor argument.

Steve La Joie