Richard Jacoby (rick@TotSysSoft)
1 Feb 1995 20:32:55 GMT

In article <dexter.791587839@aries> (Frosch)
writes: (Martin Hutchison) writes:
>>Most(if not all) textbooks in the world use the same system for specieal
>>classification, so that is the "we". Accept it or not, it is there.
>>And if you wish to refute it, you prove that it's wrong or shut up.
>>The burden of proof is >always on the challenger, not the other way
> you have a strange concept as far as the burden of proof goes.
> does that mean that if i claim god is a lesbian sadomasochist living
> in san francisco and i know her address, i have no burden of proof,
> but that you have to disprove it?
> annette
Red flags went up for me also, when I read his concept of the burden of
proof. While the ana;logies that came to my mind weren't as colorful as
yours, some real funny thoughts came into my head. :^). That concept
could come in real handy, ;^) unless of course if someone uses it against