Barbara Saunders (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 20:25:51 GMT

In article <> (Martin Hutchison) writes:

>Why are so many idiots coming out of the woodwork? Let's rephrase TBC.
>People with brown-black skin and naturally kinky hair tend to be 15 pts. below
>beople with fair skin and non-kinky hair. Does this help? For those of you who
>couldn't figure it out without this analagy, please leave, you bring the
>intelligence level of the conversation down BIGTIME.
>Stop quibbling about meaningless crap and get on with debating the IDEAS.
>MK(My god, they are dumb)H

Hmm...but many of the social problems Murray discusses (welfare in particular)
isn't the "equalization of blacks" program he paints it as in the first place.
If this society rewards a cognitive elite, and blacks have 15 pt lower average
IQ, and the dumb whites and dumb blacks are getting on welfare, and there
are more dumb blacks, what's the usefulness of the info about average IQs in
the first place.