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> (Stephen Lajoie) writes:
>>>>>So, is "hardworkingness" a part of intelligence?
>>>You sound awfully sure of that. I think it is.
>>And I think you're wrong. One is a personality trait that is learned. The
>>other is an ability that is influenced by environment and genetics.

>What makes you so sure? Why are some persons just "naturally" more
>persistent/hardworking/whatever than others? Why can`t it have some
>basis in genetics?


We already have strong evidence that there are genetic differences between
"Type A" and "Type B" personalities. Not much of a stretch to see a
genetic correlation in hardworkingness, but since it is more elegant for
genetic racists to have us believe that the only relevant factor of the
brain is IQ, then other possibilities get pushed to the side, or even
worse, totally ignored.

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