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3 Feb 1995 06:49:04 GMT

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>Hmm...I'm 32 and started taking those damn things in 2nd grade. And
>when I found I did well--and that all these adults around me made such
>a fuss about how well I did!--I took them every chance I could get.
>I dimly recall being around 10 and taKing four _different_ IQ tests in
>a WEEK, including a couple specifically designed to _exclude_ "honky"
>cultural influences. I lack a tally of the total but I think it's been
>a little over a dozen times; when the tests they could find to give me
>got too repetitious I kinda lost interest--tho a year ago this week I
>did Mensa's by-mail pre-test which resulted in my lowest score ever
>(the 137 figure from last post). And BTW, what interested me in Mensa
>was looking for a "SMART" young woman with pretty eyes & nice boobs,
>but since I moved to a garden spot across the street from Johns Hopkins
>University paying some social club to let me cruise their gatherings
>doesn't seem as imperative.

>Now, will the NEXT nazi goliath come front-&-center? My SO is busy
> So white of me,
I welcome, whole-heartedly, your refutation of my posting. I
meant no disrespect (if that is the way you took it). But, taking your
intellect in account, I find no real cause for you to label me a NAZI. I
do not tie your argument into such a scheme. So for you to cite me as
thus, I believe, undermines any objectivity with which I can treat your
argument. I do not ask that you treat my arguments with any respect.
They may, in fact, be in need of a good berating. But for you to label
me as a NAZI, I find as greatly offensive. Many friends of mine have had
family members die in Nazi death camps, so your label is most
ill-humored. I do not deny my right-wing inclinations, but Nazism is no
where among them. If you cannot accept this then I would advise you to
take two steps back and re-examine your position. Sir, no matter your
loose use of the term, I am no NAZI!
-Wm. S. Wilson