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Sun, 5 Feb 1995 09:59:38 GMT wrote:
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: ] And conversely, when you write something, try to remember
: ] not only the topic, but the statements you have previously
: ] made on the subject.

: Why do you even give a fuck? Why do you get off on this
: outrageously personal attack? What did I do to you to
: deserve this Inquisition into the state of my soul? This
: highly politicized piecing apart of any little utterance
: that smells just a bit odd to a self-appointed Guardian
: of Speech?

: I despise what you're trying to accomplish. It is a terrible
: thing, and I honestly hope that people like you and that
: self-righteous witchhunter don't have any real power over other
: people.

Relax, Jerrybro, it's just a flame. It can't touch your
soul. No hard feelings. It's just that you should be aware of
the following:

- Racism abounds in this country (and elsewhere, but I live
in the US).

- It has caused enormous damage to countless innocent human

- The problems engendered in large measure by this racism,
which include pernicious poverty, have resulted in social
problems that people now associate with certain races, when
in fact it is the poverty, among other social factors, that
is really at the root of the problem.

- The Bell Curve is a glaring example of the most despicable,
psuedoscience: eugenics. It's sole purpose is to encourage
people in their intrinsically racist inclinations.

When you make statements that can be construed as support
for racist agendas, you set yourself up to be attacked by
the many people who have observed the effects of racism down
through history (eg, the Holocaust) and take these issues
very seriously.

- Bearcat