Lord Zilch (Zilch)
4 Feb 1995 22:48:21 GMT

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:

: It would seem that this "pale-Gentile bunch" are a bit more objective
: than others, seeking only a level playingfield, while others have a
: vested interest in special programs.

AH. To point out the obvious: I qualified for a certain "set-aside"
called (in my municipality) "Gifted And Talented Education." Instead
I dropped out of eighth grade to, um, "pursue other interests." As a
result I lost my virginity before most of the other "geniuses" I knew.
Of course if my local school board had set up the appropriate "special
program" I might've had a Ph.D before I turned 20 as did another high-IQer
of my acquaintance.

OH, to get (back?) to the point: the levelness of the playingfield
depends on the agendas of those who own the teams. Or don't you know
the Superbowl was rigged?

: Again, you overlook that difference between an individual and a population.

NO, I just keep my Occam's Razor sharpened.

David, A Population Of One