Lord Zilch (
4 Feb 1995 17:22:36 GMT (Arun Gupta) wrote:

] Muslims from the Middle East brought Africans with them as slaves and
] mercenaries. In the fifteenth century, some of the people of African
] descent took the throne of Bengal for a while. The second in command
] in the fort of Bijapur that stood for a long while against the
] beseiging Mughals is recorded as being Ethiopian. In any case, the
] western shores of India have had a long history of contacts with
] Africa. So, you can have little clue as to whether your friend
] should be referred to as "black" or not just from knowing that he
] is Hindu.

Thanks. I happily accept this correction. By the way, your
story argues for African *ancestry* among some Hindus, which means
that you agree with my point that race is less about how a person
looks, much more about his ancestry--since presumably you're implying
that my knowing how my friend looks should not inform my decision.
That had been the only reason I brought up the unfortunate example.
In any case, my friend proudly referred to himself as "Aryan".
I'm sure you understand the meaning of this better than I.