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27 Jan 1995 07:01:44 GMT

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>> Getting back to TBC, Tom, perhaps you can provide a definitions of
>> "race" "intelligence" and other words Murray flings around.

>"Race" is a taxonomic concept. Taxonomists classify
>subspecies; I don't see why it is illegitimate to talk about race.

Because if its a subspecies all the traits vary in synchony as you
go from population area to population area. that doesn't happen with
race. see my other posts. you can group nigerians with norwegians and
or chinese with cherokee just be chosing the right set of marker genes
genes vary with social and geographic clines. It is a useful concept
in some societies where variation occcurs, if you are a cop trying to
identify a suspect (a white burgler). many scientists do not believe
that it is a very useful concept see the november issue of discover
magazine which had several articles on the science of race.