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1 Feb 1995 15:51:16 GMT

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Tim Benham <> wrote:
>A factlet found will cruising the web: the US NIH apparently believes
>that races are a real and scientifically important concept. Take a look
>at, the
>program announcement for the Human Brain Project. It is a long document
>so I advise you key on 'racial'. Briefly, it requires that all applicants
>for population study research grants to use a racially balanced sample.
>While this stratification would be pointless if 'race' where as inutile
>a concept as some have claimed in this forum, the motivation for this
>requirement may be political.

This is a requirement that has been imposed by _Congress_ for
_political_ rather than scientific reasons (it applies to _all_
clinical studies, not just the Human Brain Project, as you would be
aware if you actually knew what you were talking about). I _oppose_
such requirements, as do many other scientists.

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