Polynesian Navigation Bibliography

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Due to the response of a few individuals and their interest in Polynesian
wayfaring, I am posting this bibliography on Polynesian navigation. For
more information you can reach the Polynesian Voyaging Society on the
University of Hawai`i gopher (gopher.hawaii.edu) or

A hui hou aku no,
Benton Kealii Pang

AUTHOR(s): Feinberg, Richard.
TITLE(s): Polynesian seafaring and navigation : ocean travel in
Anutan culture and society / Richard Feinberg.

Kent, Ohio : Kent State University Press, c1988.
xviii, 210 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Bibliography: p. [200]-204.
TITLE(s): Nainoa Thompson and the lost art of Polynesian navigation :
Hokulea - Navigators, Primitive
Oceans, v.21 no.4, 1988
TITLE(s): Hokulea and the rebirth of Hawaiian culture

[Kaneohe, Hawaii : Hawaii Loa College, 1988?]
1 videocassette (60 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
VHS format.
Summary: Scott Sullivan, a crew member on the Hokulea on its Voyage
of Rediscovery in 1985-1987 explains what it was like to be
on this historic voyage. He reviews the construction of the
canoe, the ancient Polynesian navigation techniques used on
the voyage, who were the crew members and how they were
selected, and the data generated by the trip for the
benefit of science and culture. The canoe visited many
islands of Polynesia including New Zealand, Tonga,
Samoa, the Cook Islands, and Tahiti.
Preservation copy (3/4")
TITLE(s): Hokulea [videorecording] : proud voyage home.

Honolulu : KGMB ; Curriculum Research & Development
Group, University of Hawaii, 1987-1989.
1 videocassette (60 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in. + 1
Title from data sheet.
Summary: Reviews the 2-year, 16,000 mile journey of the Polynesian
Voyaging Society's double-hulled canoe Hokulea as it
retraced the major migratory routes of the ancient
Polynesians. The canoe and her crew visited Tonga, Samoa,
Tahiti and New Zealand, and navigation was done without
instruments. Elisa Yadao and Cliff Watson of KGMB cover the
story of the nearly month long 2,800 mile sail back to
Hawaii, and a look back at the voyage of rediscovery.
Preservation copy (U-matic)
TITLE(s): The Navigators [videorecording] : pathfinders of the
Pacific / producer and screenwriter, Sanford H. Lowe ;
directors, Sanford H. Lowe, Boyd Estus.

Watertown, MA : Documentary Educational Resources, 1983.

1 videocassette (50 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
Title from data sheet.
The Navigators was funded by Pacific Resources, Inc., the
Arthur Vining Foundation, and the Hawaii Committee for the
Intended audience: General.
Camera, Boyd Estus ; editor, William Anderson.
Summary: Follows archaeologists as they seek clues to the origins
and achievements of ancient Polynesian seafarers. Shows the
excavation of a powerful voyaging canoe on the Tahitian
island of Huahine, early sailing routes in Fiji, and traces
of Hawaii's first settlers on Molokai.
AUTHOR(s): Thompson, Judi.
TITLE(s): Polynesian canoes and navigation / by Judi Thompson and
Alan Taylor.

Laie, Hawaii : Institute for Polynesian Studies, Brigham
Young University, Hawaii Campus, c1980.
32, [1] p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
Pamphlets Polynesia
Cover title.
Bibliography: p. [33]
TITLE(s): Polynesian seafaring heritage / editors, Cecilia Kapua
Lindo, Nancy Alpert Mower.

[Honolulu] : Kamehameha Schools and the Polynesian
Voyaging Society, c1980.
xi, 184 p. : ill., maps, music ; 28 cm.
Teacher's guide, to be used in conjunction with The vision
of Moikeha, A canoe for Uncle Kila, The voyage to Tahiti,
Hokulea, and A resource curriculum guide on Polynesian
Bibliography: p. 182-184.
AUTHOR(s): Best, Elsdon, 1856-1931.
TITLE(s): The Maori canoe and Polynesian voyagers / [by Elsdon

New York : AMS Press, [1977]
iv, 312, 54 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Reprint of the 1925 ed. of The Maori canoe, published by W.
A. G. Skinner, Govt. Printer, Wellington, N.Z., which was
issued as Bulletin no. 7 of the Dominion Museum; and of the
1923 ed. of Polynesian voyagers, published by Skinner,
which was issued as Dominion Museum monograph no. 5.
Includes index.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 303-306)
TITLE(s): Pacific navigation and voyaging / compiled by Ben R.

Wellington : Polynesian Society, 1976.
146 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill., maps (1 fold), plans ;
26 cm.
Memoir ; no. 39
All contributions but one previously published in the
Journal of the Polynesian Society.
Bibliography: p. 139-143.
AUTHOR(s): Lewis, David, 1917-
TITLE(s): Voyaging stars : aspects of Polynesian and Micronesian
astronomy / by D. Lewis.

[London : Royal Society of London, 1974]
p. 133-148, [1] leaf of plates : ill. 30cm
Bibliography: p. 146-148.
Reprinted from the Philosophical transactions of the Royal
Society of London, no.276, 1974.

OTHER ENTRIES: Astronomy, Polynesian.
Astronomy, Micronesian.
Navigation, Primitive Oceania.
Nautical astronomy.
AUTHOR(s): Gulmon, Robert H
TITLE(s): Polynesian navigation : they made it, but how?

Annapolis, Md. : U.S. Naval Institute, 1974.
p. 106-109. 28cm
Detached from U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Oct. 1974.
AUTHOR(s): Dodd, Edward Howard, 1905-
TITLE(s): Polynesian seafaring; a disquisition on prehistoric
celestial navigation and the nature of seagoing double
canoes, with illustrations reproducing original field
sketches, wash drawings, or prints by artists on the early
voyages of exploration and occasional written reports from
on-the-scene observers [by] Edward Dodd.

New York, Dodd, Mead, 1972.
192 p. illus. 32 cm.
Ring of fire, v. 2
Bibliography: p. 179-185.
AUTHOR(s): Golson, Jack,
TITLE(s): Polynesian navigation; a symposium on Andrew Sharp's
theory of accidental voyages.
[3d ed.]

Wellington, Published for the Polynesian Society by A. H.
& A. W. Reed [1972]
164 p. illus. 25 cm.
First ed. was published as supplement to Journal of the
Polynesian Society, v. 71, 1962; 2d ed. as the Society's
Memoir, no. 34.
Bibliography: p. 155-164.
AUTHOR(s): Kyselka, Will.
TITLE(s): Polynesian stars and men : the puzzle of the ancient
navigation of the Polynesians / Will Kyselka and George

Honolulu : Bishop Museum Science Center, 1969.
[14] p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
"First published in Malamalama, Spring 1968, University of
Bibliography: p. [12].
AUTHOR(s): Haydon, Kevin
TITLE(s): Hawaiian Voyaging.
Summary: Hawaiian voyaging canoes revive an astonishing seafaring

In: Sea history.
Sumr 1994 n 70
Page: 30

>From the PVS gopher:
5.3. Bibliography-Wayfinding and Astronomy

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