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2 Feb 1995 09:15:43 GMT

In article <dexter.791569719@aries> (Frosch) writes:

# i haven't read 'the bell curve' (and if i do, i certainly
# will not buy it), but i read murray's 13-odd page article in 'the
# new republic'. one of the things that most riled me was that,
# after having supposedly shown that IQ correlates meaningfully
# with more or less everything a member of a modern industrial
# society would care about (income, health, morality, social
# status...) he then at the end disingenuously suggests that no-one
# should care much about about their IQ. along the lines of
# 'everyone is really quite happy in their place, no-one anyway
# wants to be much brighter or dumber than they already are, so
# what's the big fuss?' the big fuss is that according to his
# concept, IQ determines everything else! a person might not care
# about the numbers, but they will damn well care what their health
# and social standing are like, their income, their children's
# chances... and that little slip at the end said a lot to me about
# what murray's agenda is.

Why do you call it a slip? The "happy clan" business seemed pretty
well thought out to me.

David Johns