Re: Humble Person (in progress) & Homo Erectus

Drew Beck (
26 Dec 1996 21:12:46 GMT

>Rick Dorland wrote:
>> Yes indeed, some mere people actually read this newsgroup. Many are
>> probably just ordinary mortals, nothing compared to an "MA (in progress)",
>> but we do enjoy the debate, discussion and informative exchange.

>Staffan Lindeberg <> wrote:

>Interested laymen are very important for the progress of science and its
>applications, perhaps especially in news groups. Truth is around the

Then I wrote: Yep, I'm one of these "mere people". I'm on this newsgroup
to learn more about these finds which appear to indicate that Homo Erectus
lived much more recently than originally thought (~30K YBP?!).
Unfortunately, I seem to have joined the thread just as it is dying out :(
Anybody care to point me in the right direction? I'm not an
anthropologist or even a Ph.D., but I do have a layman's interest in the
subject of human origins.