Re: fantasy & imagination value

EDuvoi8 (
26 Dec 1996 07:50:46 GMT

If a distinction truly exists between fantasy and imagination, I would
imagine that it lies in the area of focused intentionality. That is,
while colloquially the terms are very similar in meaning,in evolutionary
terms fantasy serves the purpose you delineated: "practice" without
danger; on the other hand, fantasy to me seems to be an offshoot of sorts
from imagination itself. Specifically, fantasy as you explained it can
serve an immediate function in terms of survival and would be selected
for. Imagination may be an unselected by-product of our ability to
imagine (like the noise an engine makes in relation to the operation of
the engine itself) that impacts more distant future events in ways such as
invention, change, epiphanical insight, etc. In a sense, it could boil
down to fantasy equalling creativity involving the known; imagination
equalling creativity involving the potential. Bear in mind that I do not
mean for these terms to be taken at the common "definitional" usage.
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