Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

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18 Dec 1996 16:51:55 GMT

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>: >>If you have stomach acid, you had better eat meat (like our chimp
>: >>cousins)
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> Thing is...chimps are primarily vegetarians, secondarily
insectivores >and carnivores.

Oh boy. Chimps are not "vegetarians". "Vegetarianism" is a religion,
a set of beliefs not based on logical thinking but rather emotions.

Chimps are not herbivores (like cows) or carnivores (like dogs), but
rather omnivores (like humans).

I have explained how humans are naturally omnivores, too many times on
this thread. It has become SPAM. I will not respond to this thread
any longer. It's time to move on.

To all the rabid "vegetarians" out there: Go ahead and continue your
unnatural eating habits. I have no desire to change your religion.
You are not my patients.

So I guess you all can continue to discuss it among yourselves, but not
with my connivance.

Dr. Doug