Re: Wake up folks, This group needs to be moderated!

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Mon, 16 Dec 1996 23:11:48 GMT (cynthia gage) wrote:

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> Douglas Kihn) wrote:

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>> Just ignore the garbage, respond to what you want, and raise the issues
>> you think are important. Remember, nobody is forcing you to read these
>> "contributions". I don't. I just skim through them. I never read
>> certain authors because I know they NEVER have anything useful for me.
>> Dr. Doug

>I agree...while I certainly don't agree with everyone's opinion or
>understanding of certain issues, I do believe everyone has a right to hold
>those opinions -- and I guess I'd much rather have them out in the open
>where I can *try* and discuss them then hidden inside where they might
>grow unchallenged. On the other hand, it's nice to be able to *edit*
>certain authors that I've found aren't interested in discussing their
>ideas (just repeating them blindly) or threads that I've found
>uninteresting and unending (I've edited anything with the words "Ed
>Conrad" in it ;) one forces me to read stuff here and I don't
>feel anyone should be forced to keep silent.

You guys do realize that most of the new threads started now-a-days
are pranks and rant-n-rave. There was a recent thread here on how to
make a kill file and it astounded me that no-one complained about the
off-topicness of the thread. There are 2 major problems with the
current strategy.

1. Spammers (like bob) bring in all kinds of unrelateds
( into this NG. and also
propogate responses from other NG, who unwittingly don't realize where
these messages are being spammed.

2. Nutcases (who is ed conrad for 100) not only spam but creat a whole
profile of garbage threads.

What can moderation do....
unspam sci.anthro from impertinent threads.
Forces the nutcases to stick on pertinent material.

The current solution>killfile.

The drawbacks, eventually all threads get contaminated with these
folks trying to muddy up the waters. You will end up reading the
responses of these morons with out ever having read the original post.
The threads eventually migrate to discussions about personality
defects. My prediction is that unless this behavior is moderated this
groups progresses to the point of uselessness, despite openmindedness.

What moderation should do. Stop spammers. No threads of personal
exhaltation or attack. Direct nutcases to take personal attacks to
E_mail. Leave opinions (however wild), expression of pertinent ideas

Who should the moderator be. Anyone(s) except me :^).