Re: Wake up folks, This group needs to be moderated!

Noel Dickover (dickoveR@EROLS.COM)
Tue, 17 Dec 1996 23:47:59 -0500

In article <594hl1$>, says...
> You guys do realize that most of the new threads started now-a-days
> are pranks and rant-n-rave. There was a recent thread here on how to
> make a kill file and it astounded me that no-one complained about the
> off-topicness of the thread. There are 2 major problems with the
> current strategy.

Greetings Philip,
Just for the record, I started the killfile discussion, and did so
because of the great sense of relief I got when I realized I could do
this. The reason noboady complained is probably because I apoligized in
my initial post for bringing up such a discussion.


Noel Dickover

"From now on, I will not try to reason with the idiots I encounter.
I will dismiss them by waving my paw and saying `Bah.`"
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