Re: What did the first Organic Thingamadoodle eat?

Ted Leonard (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 21:48:47 -0600

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>>How DARE you belittle yourself by stating:
>>``I am in no way claiming to be a scientist . . . this question
>>will probably prove that."

<merciful snip of alot of just plain bullsh*t>

>>In fact, I am so impressed that I will contact some high-placed people
>>in Stockholm and see if it's not late to submit your name as a
>>candidate for next year's Nobel Prize.
>Relax Ed. Instead of posting my question to all these newsgroups just
>to rant about how you dislike the question, try apologizing to all the
>legitimate thinkers in these groups for wasting their time.
>If casting insults proves anything Ed, it proves you're a very bitter
>Christian Kersey

Actually it was a great question. All the bs is eds way of saying €I don€t
know€. He just doesn€t know how to say so without ranting.

Ted Leonard

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