What did the first Organic Thingamadoodle eat?

Ed Conrad (edconrad@prolog.net)
14 Dec 1996 11:57:14 GMT

kerseys@ix.netcom.com(Chris) wrote to talk.origins:

>I am in no way claiming to be a scientist...this question will probably
>prove that, but genuine curiosity has got me.

>Supposing some event in time created the first instance of an organic
>thingamadoodle (can you see my scientific qualifications shining?).
>What did this lone ranger eat? Rocks, water or maybe another
>thingamadoodle if it wasn't alone?

>I can only guess that my assumption that the first thingamadoodle ate
>is plausible, but if it didn't, how would evolving into something that
>needed to eat be somehow advantageous to life in general?



How DARE you belittle yourself by stating:
``I am in no way claiming to be a scientist . . . this question
will probably prove that."

Don't you realize the tremendous signficance of your brilliant
question: What did the original -- the very first -- thingamadoddle

Be assured that an answer to your thought-provoking question
-- never before been asked in the annals of man -- may well be
the key that will open the door of knowledge and understanding
about the true Origin of Life?

Christian Kearseys, you may not have realized it but you, INDEED, are
a genius!

In fact, I am so impressed that I will contact some high-placed people
in Stockholm and see if it's not late to submit your name as a
candidate for next year's Nobel Prize.