Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

Paul E. Pettennude (
15 Dec 1996 19:02:27 GMT


Can we continue this over in general anthropology where it belongs? Why
all the cross postings?
Paul Pettennude

Peter van Rossum <> wrote in article
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> >>ps. keep some dignity and admit defeat and end this fucking thread
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> >No ones forcing you to read.Defeat?Since when was this a contest?I am
> >just stating a simple fact as I know it.Period.
> >Colleen Tuohy
> Look, I don't know what you're arguing for and I don't really care. But
it has
> been pointed out to you by a number of people that the source which you
> cited that claimed that at one time humans were vegetarians is wrong.
> If you want to argue about whether its healthier to be a vegetarian today
> whatever, fine. But don't base that argument on the erroneous claim that
> humans used to be vegetarians.
> Peter van Rossum