Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

E Douglas Kihn (
15 Dec 1996 17:02:40 GMT

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>>If you have stomach acid, you had better eat meat (like our chimp
>I don't doubt at one time that we were ment to eat meat.But we don't
>need to anymore.Ask your doctor,and he'll tell you your much better
>without red meat.
> or you be become weak, cold, and pale like Colleen.
>I'm pale,but I'm irish.Weak?Umm no.And I'm rather heathy.Have you ever
>met me?I really doubt that.So don't judge me.

Jeez, it was just a little joke. I'm sorry if you took offence. I
don't advise asking M.D.s anything regarding health. The average
lifespan of M.D.s in the USA is 58. This means that most of them know
virtually nothing about health. What they are good at is disease.

The average M.D. probably worships red meat, as is common in the USA,
and probably eats it in overdose quantities.

The only true expert is one's own body. There are times (not every
day) that my BODY (not mental program) craves red meat and is satisfied
only with red meat. Red meat gives warmth and movement to our bodies.

In hot climates (like India), this unnatural habit of vegetarianISM is
easier to get away with. But in cold climates, it's just plain
foolish. And if you don't use that stomach acid, you sill lose it.
Like not using your left arm, it will eventually atrophy.

By the way, Irish people are usually a little ruddy. That flush is
there to keep their faces warm. Do you suffer from the cold, Colleen?

Dr. Doug