Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

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15 Dec 1996 06:17:56 GMT

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>>Then very close to our speices.
>>I'm talking when we gathered our food,aka before we hunted.
>This is still factually wrong. Big game hunting may not have
>been a universal custom among our genus, but vegetarian normally
>means not eating small animals either.
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So whose idea was it to bring in the smart people? We should do that
with some of these other annoying threads, if only I knew where those
smart people hung out... Will that little girl ever realize that she
is outclassed, outschooled, and just plain beaten? I'm rambling, but
thanks to whoever brought in the scientists.

"What nature has denied you, Ralph will sell you."

ps. keep some dignity and admit defeat and end this fucking thread
(unless someone wants to address the land bridge/horses thing, I'd be
curious to read about it).