Re: The Bell Curve (was: Suppression of Sociobiology)

Robert Snower (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 22:35:44 GMT (Robert S. Carlsen) wrote:

>The race/i.q. part of the Bell Curve has 3 premises:
> 1). There exists a precise intelectual component €g€ that can be
>measured w/o bias. (It is therefore capable of ranking people
>in linear order)
> 2). That component is genetically based and largely immutable
> 3). It correlates with €race.€
>Quite simply, if any of these three premises are flawed, the entire
>race/i.q. argument falls apart. As the articles cited above demonstrate,
>all three of these premises are highly suspect and probably entirely

The book fails to mention a fourth premise, I believe (I haven't read
the book), which is absolutely true, and is much more relevant to the
world we live in than any of these three: the fellow sitting next to
you might be smarter than you, regardless of his/her race, color, or

Best wishes. rs