Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas
13 Dec 1996 16:41:38 GMT (Ethan Vishniac) writes:
>Tuohy <> wrote:
>>Well 'm going by what I read from a reliable source.

>I gather that, but what is that source? (If you've said before
>I missed it.)

"Man Through the Ages", She read it in World History class in high school.

>And was your source claiming that some species of our genus was vegetarian,
>or is this really an argument about Australopithecines?

Colleen's statement was that man was a vegatarian at some point. You are
welcome to figure out what 'man' means. She did at one point state
that we were fully what we are today when we were vegatarians. I have
not seen her withdraw that statement.


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