Re: Inhabitants of New Zealand before Maori's?

13 Dec 1996 14:41:35 GMT

Bob Keeter ( wrote:
: Andrew Purcell <> wrote:
: >A friend of mine was talking to a guy the other day who mentioned that
: >there was an indigenous people in New Zealand prior to the arrival of
: >polynesians.
: >
: >Does anyone know of this or can point me to somewhere that I might
: >establish the validity of this claim?
: >

: Did some quick checking here and can find no reference to any evidence
: of human habitation in New Zealand prior to the Maori (abt 3500 yrs BP).
: Given the apparently very ancient discoveries in Austrailia, if proven,
: there might also be similar remains to be discovered in New Zealand.

The date I have seen most often for the human settlement of New Zealand
(in Brian Fagan's work, for example) is 1000 BP (or 1000 AD, if you
prefer), by the Maoris. Where did you get the earlier date? New Zealand
is supposedly the last major land mass colonized by humans.

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