Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Ron Kephart (
13 Dec 1996 14:54:33 GMT () wrote:

> Not until the initial question is answered. Specifically, what is a
> "biologically meaningful concept"?

A "biologically meaningful concept" would be blood type. I am "white"
and I have type O blood. Let's say I am injured, and I need blood.
The following two people are available as donors:

(1) A "white" with type A blood

(2) a "black" with type O blood.

Although, from the North American perspective, I belong to the same
"race" as numer 1, a blood transfusion from numer 1 will kill me. Of
these, only number 2, who (supposedly) belongs to a different "race"
can safely donate blood to me. This is about as biologically
meaningful as you can get. The North American folk taxonomy of
"black", "white", etc., on the other hand, is not; it is a cultural
fantasy, or as both I and someone on this newsgroup expressed it, a
"pigment of the imagination."

Ron Kephart
University of North Florida