Re: Race, Science, & Political Correctness

Arnotts Ltd (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 16:11:44 -0800

Bob Whitaker wrote:

> This would never occur to a Poltically Correct clone, but the way we
> separate races is to allow us to do our own separating. Let us have our
> white community, and you can have your mixed community.

Yeah and it never occurs to the Racist Clown that we like our mixed
communities. If the racists really want to leave alone and seperate why
do they always keep wanting nice places to live. If race was the real
issue they'd go set up their nice All White towns at the South Pole
where they'll really be All White not on some nice mid-west USA farming
land with good rich soil and plenty of rain.

> Your answer is, no way, Jose. You know exactly what would happen to
> your "there are no races" crap out in the real world.
> The fact is that the entire PC proggram is for racial balance in ALL
> white majority countries, and ONLY in white majority countries. They
> would not tolerate any whites being allowed to live to themselves,
> anywhere on earth, and they have said so repeatedly.
> And for reason. We all know what happens when whites are temporarily
> allowed
> to set up their own communities. The Politically Correct get racial
> balance and busing,
> and out go the whites. So the PC then use their money to set up
> "low-cost"(black)
> housing in the escapee communities, and busing again. And the cycle
> repeats.
> The one thing Politically Correct people can never subject their
> policies to is the
> criterion of whether they actually WORK or not. They also cannot allow
> it to matter
> whether any of their victims WANT what they are pushing or not. Those
> tests always fail.
> As a result, the invariable result of Politically Correct policy, from
> busing to the
> Berlin Wall, is always a major effort at blocking any escape attempt.
> I'll keep repeating this until all you clones hear it.