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Hi there,

liefting wrote:
> Who is interested in cultural anthropology?
> Who is interested in cultural, organization and management?
> Please react

There is an CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY group and here are some details that
were sent to me that you and others may be interested in suscribing to:


Welcome to the anthropology mailing list!

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you can send mail to "Majordomo" with the following command
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1. About Anthropology

Anthropology is a free service, and has been set up as a network hub
to provide an information exchange and point of contact for working
field anthropologists, scholars, graduates, and others active in the
study of mainstream cultural anthropology.

Our address for distributing contributions and enquiries is:

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2. Operating Rules

Because we have other work to be getting on with the rules are fairly
simple and easygoing. As an electronic mailing list the exchange will
be administered remotely, and will not be moderated as such.

Subscribers are expected to put on a human face, however, and as a
matter of common courtesy introduce themselves as soon as practicable
after they are notified that their application has been accepted.

DO NOT attempt to flood this list with your favourite theories and
unquestioned political orientation, or argument unsubstantiated by
your own field research. Quite reasonably you are expected to have
developed a critical awareness of the human condition, and accepted
the professional literature with the same outlook to constant review
and informed critique.

It is advisable to append a .sig to your e-mail giving details as to
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