More Gypsies, please!

Kuba Olearski (
Tue, 10 Dec 96 13:03:40 CET

Hello there!
Thank you very much to those who responded to my question about the Gypsies.

The trouble is they did not understand exactly what the problem was. Maybe I w
asn't clear or specfic enough...

What I need is the brief but concrete note about the history and the present
situation of the Gypsies in particular West European countries.
I have a few books about the general history of the Gypsies between their exis
tance in India and arriving to Europe about c.XIV. They treat about their journ
ey and then the situation in the Balkans and Eastern Europe to give the base fo
r their existance in Poland. There is a little about the groups which migrated
to the Western Europe but not enough...

So please help me with preparing my speech, which deadline is next tuesday.
I promise I will send a little gift for every note sent to the address: